Other available sponsorship:

- Sponsorship For Post Event Hard Copy Information Printing
- Sponsorship for Post Event Hard Copy Of Information Postages
- Conference Sorveignier Sponsorship (Sold out)
- Sponsorship for Registration Bags for Conference Attendees
- Sponsorship for Decorations
- Sponsorship for Refreshment-Workshop
- Sponsorship for Refreshment-Conference
- Price Award Presentation Sponsorship (Cups, Medals etc.) for the Gala Award Night
- Technical Tours Sponsorship
- Sponsorship for Registration Bags for Workshop Attendees
- Sponsorship for Registration Badge for Workshop Attendees-
- Sponsorship for Attendees Badge Holders
- Sponsorship for Folders
- Sponsorship for Attendees Coffee Breaks
- Banner Sponsorship for Exhibition Hall
- Banner Sponsorship Back Ground Registration Desk
- Banner Sponsorship for Main Lobby
- Sponsorship for Internet Facilities
- Sponsorship for Networking Dina And Gala Award Night
- Any Other Sponsorship of Interest To You. Contact us today!
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